Al-Rashad work is based on a number of general principles, including:

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1- The Book of Allah (the Holy Quran) and the tradition of His prophet (peace be upon him) are the reference for both society and state.

2- Islam is a religion and a state, belief and Sharia, way of life, and a comprehensive system that is valid in every time and place.

3- Human being is the servant of Allah who is honored and given custody by Him to build the Earth.

4- Shura (consultation) is a corner stone for the system of government; it means the right of the people to choose their rulers and manage their affairs; It should be disrupted by no one.

5- Justice is the basis of life; it is a right for all people in any case; there will be no security, stability, renaissance without it.

6- The state sovereignty, independence, unity and defending it is the responsibility of everyone.

7- The ruler is an agent for his people who should take care of their interests and affairs; the people have the right to appoint, supervise and dismiss him.

8- Women are full sisters of men; originally, they are equal in duties, rights and obligations, except for what Islamic Sharia has determined for both sexes to realize the integrity of life.

9- Respecting legitimate human rights, keeping man’s dignity and securing his respected freedoms are the responsibility of both state and society.

10- The country’s wealth, capabilities and resources are the people’s property that should be protected, rationalized, developed and distributed fairly to realize the society welfare and renaissance; nobody should monopolize them.

11- Supporting Islamic and just issues all over the world for embodying loyalty to Muslims and helping every oppressed.

12- International relations should be based on mutual interests, justice, peace, and noble values; cooperation among countries is a human and actual need.